Series: Season Three

The one with CMDR Mack Winston

You may know this week’s guest from Lave Radio. Or Sagittarius Eye. Or East India Company. Or any combination of these. It’s CMDR Mack Winston! The best part about this CMDR? He’s got a story or anecdote about anything and everything Elite-related.

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The one with CMDR Lex Lagger

After an incredibly rocky (and particularly waterlogged) start to the year, you would excuse Lex for having a less than chipper outlook on the future but that could not be further from the truth! Join us as we find out more about his Elite Dangerous story and enjoy a new contender for one of the…

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The one with JUST Psykit and Mal

ong-overdue Season Three opener, Psykit and Mal sit down with each other to have a chat about what they’ve been up to in-game and what the future of Flight Assist looks like.

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