Series: Community

Interviews with communities like Privateers’ Alliance, Buckyball Racing Club, The Buur Pit, Dogs of Lore, FleetComm, and more.

The one with CMDR jnTracks

We’re finally settling part of a debt to the good folks at Loose Screws – CMDR jnTracks is joining us this week! We find out so much about not only jnTracks, but also the Loose Screws community – the expeditions, the stories, the squadron… there’s so much more to this fantastic CMDR and his mates…

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The one with The Buur Pit

This week is a double-length (and then some) episode, but it makes sense when you hear what we have lined up for you this week – we have TWO guests! CMDR Buur and CMDR Rheeney of The Buur Pit have graciously agreed to sit down for a long chat about everything from hooning and booning…

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