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The one with CMDRs ElvisKremmen and LittleBigYin

We started Season One talking with CMDR Psykit, and we heard about how her best friend and her husband got her into Elite Dangerous in the first place. Now,...

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The one with CMDR Ascorbius

CMDR Ascorbius.  El Scorbius. That Type-9 racing guy. Whatever you call him, he’s a cornerstone of the Elite Dangerous community. His YouTube videos are marvelous works of entertainment, and...

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The one with CMDR Enderprize

Live from Brooklyn, NY, it’s Flight Assist Podcast! Staring: CMDR Enderprize! With: CMDR MalForTheWin! And CMDR Psykit! Featuring: Epidemic Sound and the Flight Assist Podcast Band! Musical Guest: also...

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The one with CMDR Beetlejude

In space, no one can hear you art… art? Wait, that can’t be the right quote. I know for a fact you can hear, see, and feel THIS amazing...

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The one with CMDR jnTracks

We’re finally settling part of a debt to the good folks at Loose Screws – CMDR jnTracks is joining us this week! We find out so much about not...

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Behind The Mic

CMDR MalForTheWin


MalForTheWin just found his way into Elite: Dangerous a few weeks before Distant Worlds 2, and he fell in love. He’s the leader of the Dogs of Lore community based out of Pathamon, now a player minor faction and squadron in game on PC and XBox.

When he’s not in the cockpit, he’s probably outside looking up at the stars through a telescope or out walking his doggos.



Crazy cat lady (and proud) Psykit has been playing video games since she was a teenager, but is a relative newcomer to the world of Elite, having picked it up in 2016. She instantly felt a kinship with the wonderful community and set to trying to find more ways to get involved. She’s now the leader of the Privateer’s Alliance Squadron.

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